Car crazy


Frank Meguiar Jr., Barry’s grandfather, founded Meguiar’s Inc. in the garage of his Indiana home in 1901. In 1913, Frank moved the business to Southern California, where the family focused on making products for the professional market. Barry’s father, Malcolm Meguiar, and his two brothers carried on the family business in 1950. Barry’s involvement at Meguiar’s began in grade school and continued throughout college. where he served as the one-man accounting department generating $600,000 in annual gross sales.

After graduating college, Barry oversaw the company’s relations with GM, Ford and Chrysler and managed sales in the Eastern part of the United States.In 1969, Barry received approval to take Meguiar’s products into the consumer marketplace. Barry set out to create a new brand of Meguiar’s products that targeted car enthusiasts.[3] After four years, Meguiar’s Inc. launched its first consumer product, the Meguiar’s Liquid Cleaner Wax, at the 1973 APAA Show in Chicago.

Barry led a grassroots program to sell his products at car shows, which grew into the international marketing campaign that became the backbone of what made Meguiar’s a global bran


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